We are proud to announce will be hosting our 4th Annual Art Auction the 4th week in January.

All proceeds from our Art Auction will be going to the AIDs/Breast Cancer Emergency Fund.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Deadline Reminder for Art Auction FEB 11!

3rd Annual Art Auction the last week in February is just around the corner.
With the expansion of the Studio we are expecting this auction to be bigger and better than ever!

The list of contributing artists so far...

Clone Wars
Kilian Plunkett
Pat Presley
Chris Voy
Anthony Ermio
Alina Chau
Danny Keller
Bosco Ng
Vaughn Ross
Brian O Connell
Dave Meyers
Don Ta
Megan Engle
David Le Merrer
Terra Rueping
Ira Owens
Dan Slavin
Jahkelli Garnett
Vince Lee
Jacob Stevens
Ingo Gudmunds
Dave Lam
Wayne Lo
Juan Hernandez
JP Balmet


Carlos Sanchez
Andrea Rhodes
Nate Watson
RC Montesquieu

Andrea Blasich
Tim Soman
Paul Hamblin
Paul Nguyen
Colin Fix

Guest Artists
Le Tang
Sho Murase
Kelsey Mann
Jackson Sze
Yoriko Ito
Carlos Baena
Liana Hee
Jackie Huang
Chris Bonura

Not a bad list at all!!

If you would like to contribute please contact Vaughn Ross (Vaughn.Ross@lucasfilm.com) or AnnaMarie (AnnaMarie.Bonura@lucasfilm.com) its not to late!

Check out the previous blog posts below for the artwork and photos from last years Auction!!